About Us

The City of Owen was founded by the lumber baron, John S. Owen, in 1883, and was incorporated as a village in 1904. The area continued to grow and in 1925, Owen became a city and elected its first mayor.

12372012001233041234Our historic main street and Mill Pond remain as a reminder of the "Good Old Days", with the historic Woodland Hotel as the centerpiece on Central Ave. At the south end of the street is the Old Owen School, which is on both the State and National Historic registers. This building is a hub for community events, being used for concerts, craft fairs, auctions, reunions, and an after school program. On the north end of the street is the new library, a sign of continued growth in the area.

Although the logging industry that was our start no longer exists in the area, trees are still an important focus in the City, with Owen becoming a Tree City USA in 2008. Industry has changed over the years, but has had renewed growth with additions to the North Industrial Park.

Recreation opportunities are also an important part of the City as it is conveniently located near fishing spots, hunting areas, and snowmobile trails. Within the city you can find opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, camping and golfing.

Owen may be small in size, but it has a big heart, welcoming visitors and new residents alike.

Historic 1sts for the City of Owen

2007 Owen becomes a Tree City USA

1955 Owen Medical Center opens

1929 Our golf course is incorporated

1925 Owen incorporates as a city

1915 Owen establishes its first library

1910 Owen's first newspaper begins publication

1907 The first bank is built in Owen

1906 The first church is built in Owen

1904 Owen incorporates as a village

1895 The first post office comes to the area

1894 The first schoolhouse is built

1882 John S. Owen Lumber Co. buys 30,000 acres of land

1880 Railroad extended to Owen area