Recycling & Garbage

DNR Recycling Poster

The City of Owen has a Curbside Garbage and Recycling Program provided by Veolia Environmental Services Garbage and Recycling is picked up weekly on Mondays.

Please have your items roadside by 6:00 a.m.

If your collection day is on or after a holiday, service will be delayed one day.

Items Being Recycled

Aluminum Cans

Shall include used beverage cans only.

Container Glass

Includes container glass only. Glass must be clean, with caps removed. Labels and neck rings can remain on glass. Glass should not be broken. Glass does not include ceramic cups, dishes, ovenware, plate glass, safety and window glass, heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex, lead-based glass such as crystal, or TV tubes.

Plastic Bottles and Containers

Includes only plastic bottles and containers clearly marked with the recycling emblem encircling the #1 (PET or PETE) or the # 2 (HDPE). Does not include motor oil bottles, even if they are labeled #1 or #2. Caps and covers must be removed. Labels and neck rings can remain on plastic. Clean all bottles and containers.

Tin Cans

Includes tin coated metal cans, bi-metal cans, and steel containers, which must be clean and labels must be removed. If convenient, please cut out both ends and flatten. Cut out ends are recyclable.

These Items May Be Mixed Together

New Items Now Accepted for Recycling:

Many #3-#7 Plastics, including food & beverage containers, cat litter containers, ice cream pails,
5-gallon pails, medicine/pill containers, bakery containers, flower pots or trays, yogurt or cottage cheese containers, cups & tubs, clear and rigid clam shell packaging.
Aseptic containers including cartons or boxes used for juice, milk, soy milk, ice cream, broths.
Large plastic items, including 15 gallon and larger containers, furniture, toys, etc may be delivered to the Portage County Material Recovery Facility in Plover for recycling at no charge.
Empty and rinse all containers.

Plastics Not Accepted

#1 brown plastic bottles
#6 polystyrene foam (Styrofoam)
Motor oil containers
Plastic film, shrink wrap and bags
CD cases
Vinyl items such as windows, siding, etc.

Corrugated Cardboard

Includes clean corrugated cardboard only, and does not include waxed cardboard or “chipboard” such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and similar materials. Cardboard must be flattened and bundled in bundles not more than twelve (12) inches high and twenty four (24) inches wide and thirty six (36) inches long.

Mixed Papers

Includes all grades of papers: including white, colored, ledger, shiny, coated, carbonless or NCR papers; envelopes, including windowed, labeled and kraft; magazines, phone books, computer print out paper, glued pads and tablets, file folders, keypunch card, post-it notes, spiral notebooks, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Can include paper clips and staples. Does not include hand towels or other paper products from restrooms, or soiled napkins and paper plates. Also does not include carbon paper, cellophane, or any waxed paper. Shall be placed for collection in paper grocery bags, boxes, or bundled in bundles not more than twelve (12) inches high.


Includes newspapers and newspaper advertisements.

These Items May Be Mixed Together

Guide to Electronic Recycling

Why E-Cycle?

Wisconsin law prevents households and schools from disposing of many electronic items. Beginning September 1, 2010 these items must be recycled by a registered recycler.
Recycling your electronics is important because they contain valuable materials that can be recycled and reused, including plastics, steel, glass, and precious metals like gold and copper.
Many devices also contain dangerous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chemical flame retardants. If disposed of improperly, these materials can leach into the environment where they may affect human and environmental health.

Items to Be Recycled

All Computers-Desktop and Laptop
Fax Machines
Computer Monitors
Mice and Keyboards
DVD Players, DVRs, VCRs
Cellular Phones-No Batteries

If You Have Questions, Call (800) 262-3101

Construction Containers:
For larger amounts of construction materials and clean-ups Veolia Environmental Services offers temporary containers in 6 cubic yard and 20 cubic yard sizes. Please call Veolia at (888) 271-7176 for pricing and more information.

Appliance Pickup Service:
Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, air conditioners, furnaces, dehumidifiers, water heaters are not included in bulky item pickup. Please call Veolia to arrange pickup of appliances. You will be billed $35.00 per appliance.

Bulky Item Pick-up Service:
Bulky items will be picked up separately from your regular trash.
Bulky item pickup includes larger items such as couches, chairs, mattresses, etc.
Carpeting should but cut no longer than four feet, rolled and tied not larger than 1’ in diameter.
Please notify Veolia if you will have bulky items out by calling (888) 271-7176.